Every Step A Lotus

Yarn embroidery, crochet and oil on canvas

Quadriptych, 60 x 240 cm


Every Step A Lotus reflects on the history of bound feet in China, a practice to limit the feminine territory to the interior. Women in imperial times were confined by both the physical boundary of the inner quarter, and the symbolic frontier of textile work. Their body was transformed to fit into an imposed spatiality. These deformed feet, acclaimed as "six-inch lotus", served as an objet of fetish in a morbid patriarchal society. 

I wish to confront the dark history of feminine oppression with women's creations, namely, textile work. The combination of yarn embroidery and crochet on top of oil paintings leads to a silent conversation of the space and the plane, the artist and the artisan, the exterior and the interior, the liberty and the prison.

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